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McEnroe Organic Farm

Packaging Labels


McEnroe Organic Farm's mission is to grow high-quality produce and livestock, while committing to protect habitat for local wildlife. McEnroe's products are sourced from their own farm and local purveyors, ensuring consistent quality and seasonal offerings.

The labels were created for: organic honey, dill pickles, barbecue sauce, blazing tomato chutney, marinara sauce, spicy ketchup, and regular ketchup. 

As a senior branding designer leading this project, I executed all typography design, layout hierarchy, illustrations, and aesthetic direction.

McEnroe Farm's Honey

Honey harvested by McEnroe farm staff. Honey bee and bumble bee iterations.


Illustrator • 2016

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honey for social media 1.jpg

McEnroe Farm Sauce Labels

Various labels designed for McEnroe products. Dill Pickles, Barbecue Sauce, Blazing Tomato Chutney, Marinara Sauce, Spicy Ketchup, Ketchup. 


Illustrator • 2016

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