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Projection Timeline of Thesis

A 28-34 page graphic novel (11x17 half) with a balance of text and image. There will be additional accompanying materials such as concept drawings/ paintings/ fiber work featuring the setting and characters. A coming of age tale about a girl in high school who must fight intergalactic criminals in order to stop the enslavement of hedgehogs and therefore saving Earth.

Goal to be published and sold.

Target Audience

-Science fiction/ Supernatural genre

-Older audience

-Independant comic book publishers


Planned Execution

-Hand drawn line work scanned into photoshop and digitally colored with added hand drawn textures. Some hand done text for character speech bubbles or onomatopoeia, full text typed.

-Additional materials to be in the form of drawings, paintings, fiber work (embroidery, plush character iterations) The purpose of these are to further explore the content and dynamics of the narrative.

Inspiration (Images Below)

-Black Hole by Charles Burns

-Blankets by Craig Thompson

-My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf

-Joan Cornella

-Daniel Clowes

-Twin Peaks


-Cat Eyed Boy by Kazuo Umezu

-100 Demons by Lynda Barry


Week 2 (September 5,8): Rough draft

Week 3 (September 12,15): Second draft of text

Week 4 (September 19,22): Sketched draft of text placement with drawings. Overall layout. 4 pages

Week 5 (September 26, 29): 4 pages

Week 6 (October 3,6): 4 pages

Week 7 (October 10,13): 4 pages

Week 8 (October 17, 20): 4 pages

Week 9 (October 24, 27): 4 pages

Week 10 (October 31, November 3): 4 pages - Finished

Week 11 (November 7,10): Revise any pages that need to be touched up or adjusted. Format book digitally.

Week 12 (November 14, 17): Additional materials including paintings, drawings, or fiber work.

Week 13 (November 28, December 1): Additional materials.

Week 14 (December 5, 8): Additional materials.

Week 15 (December 12,15): Finished product, printed and bound, ready for presentation.

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