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Changing Paths

My thesis has been a journey thus far. I went through a lot of soul searching, mental breakdowns, and existential/nihilistic crisis over the progression of my image making. The sequential narrative I originally set out to complete fills me with complete dread. When I would sit down to work on it my creativity just stopped. My hands wouldn’t draw I would just stare out into space wishing it would draw itself.

Totally bored with this, I decided to venture back to acrylic painting which I have not done since high school. The New School had drilled this idea of what illustration is supposed to be into my head. A painting can be an illustration, craft making can be narrative.

I will be making an installative aesthetic drawing from key themes and motifs from the story I wrote. This will be comprised of primarily paintings and embroidery work - but also accompanying drawings, knitted plushies, and other mixed media works. I have also been exploring the safe space of my sketchbook after avoiding it for so long.

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